World Professional Salsa Championship

 "Open to the World" - Recognized by the NDCA

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1. While on the competition premises, competitors shall conduct themselves at all times in a civil and sportsman like manner.


2. It is the competitor’s responsibility to be in attendance at least half hour in advance of the advertised time scheduled for events he is entering. Organizers are not required to delay the program for the benefit of latecomers.


3. No Props allowed.


4. Tempo is 192-216 beats per minute


5. Costumes are recommended, provided that costumes do not reveal the buttocks or other parts of the body indiscriminately. Competitors in any division who wear costumes deemed by the organizers to be unsuitable will be requested to change. If such request is not followed, the competitor’s entry will be canceled and the entry fee will NOT be refunded.


6. No overhead lifts allowed however dips and tricks are allowed.


7. Couples will be judged strictly on their style and performance not what rhythm they are dancing. Salsa timing can be...

  • "On 1" (123,567)
  • "Classic 2" (234,678)
  • "Modern 2" (123,567)
  • **please note that you must maintain only one timing throughout any round.


8. No video-taping is allowed. You can order a video from the professional video company that the organizers have contracted.


9. Awards will be immediately following the competition.


10. The six finalists should be prepared to do a solo showcase format. Music must be provided prior to the event. No more than 2.5 minutes, this includes walking on and off the floor.


11. Entry deadline is October 1st, 2018


12. Entry Fee is $100 per couple, which includes admission into ballroom for the session in which you are dancing.



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